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     Designer Bass Frog Lures            

                      by   Ken Daubert

(30 years and counting in the development)

These FROGs are designed by Capt Ken Daubert who spent twenty five years working as a nationally recognized professional taxidermist and 20 years as a licensed Florida Fishing guide. Over the years he has been featured in almost every major outdoor fishing magazine.

These are NOT your buddy’s mass produced factory frogs.

Collectible * Tradable * Fishable

You can’t get them at Walmart or anywhere in stores !

       Four Frogs on Box X.bmp (259256 bytes)TF in hand.gif (58675 bytes)Baby Bull FROG 2.jpg (12828 bytes)   

     FROGs illustrated above are handpainted  Original Series : Green Frog, Pickerel Frogs, Pine Barrens Tree Frog & Baby Bull FROG 


There are 3 distinct series of CaptKen's Designer Bass FROGs

There are the Original Series, Replicant Series, and the Clone Series.

There is also the Signature Series which is not a type but a "classification".

Hook and Tackle Recommendations Page


   All three series of Capt Ken Daubert's Designer Bass FROGs have all of the same critical bass catching features explained below.


  • Kicking legs- the legs give life to the Frog and the kicking action can be fished fast or very, very slow.

Fast Freddy Anim #3.gif (20559 bytes)                                Slow Kicking FROG.gif (392496 bytes)

There have been many changes to the FROGs over the years, but one feature they have always had was the "kicking legs".


Dk Bull Leg Changer.gif (181164 bytes)

Two FROGs illustrated above are   Clone Series : Green Bull FROG and Light Green Pickerel

  • Amphibia Skin Frog - soft but tough frog lure- with a feel so real in your hand that bass gobble them up and dive down deep to enjoy them, giving you plenty of time to set the hook. The markings and coloration are unmatched by any other frog lure and capable of drawing strikes from the biggest bass in their area through their appearance alone.

WEB Golden Leopard 2.jpg (17319 bytes)   Web Golden Sotted Leopard.jpg (14922 bytes)

The two FROGS illustrated above are    Replicant Series   High Definition FROGs

  • Durable- Even the toothiest critters can't hurt this Frog. Slices, cuts & tears simply close back up with no change to the appearance.

  • Lip hook system - the Frog fools the bass so well that we fish it just like a real live frog with the hook up front in the lips for better hooksets and better weedless presentations. Can be used with any weedless hook. The hook featured in the photos is the Banjo Minnow System #1 hook for which CaptKen received a patent  With this system, the Frog will slide over moss and vegetation or even dive under lily pads and climb on top of the next one.(Note: I am no longer associated in any way with the Banjo Minnow other than being on the original patent and formerly serving as both acting president and vice president of the corporation that originally promoted it on TV). Learn about other hook options on our Hook and Tackle Recommendations Page.

Frog & Banjo #2X.bmp (259256 bytes)        Frog Banjo Closeup X.bmp (259256 bytes)

Learn about other hook options on our Hook and Tackle Recommendations Page.

  • Rattle chamber- our FROGs can have a rattle added to attract fish at night or in heavy vegetation.




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Click here to see more FROGS in the Hatchery


Capt Ken Daubert

     3323 SE 2nd St. Ocala, Fl. 34471 





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Click here to see more FROGS in the Hatchery

Capt Ken Daubert

     3323 SE 2nd St. Ocala, Fl. 34471