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Welcome to the Home of the

The Kayak Fishing Revolution

and the First Book Ever Written on the Sport Of Kayak Fishing

and The World's Best Largemouth Bass FROG

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Check out this Monster Bass that inhales CaptKen's Golden Southern Leopard FROG lure



Check out this Bass eye view of my Designer Bass FROGs underwater, and you'll begin to understand why they catch so many Big Bass


Check out this Bass smashing one of my topwater FROG Lures and ripping my rod down to the gunnels of the kayak in a close quarters brawl to the finish. Guess who won this time? Check out more videos on our Video Sample Page


Check out this new perspective on FROG fishing.

Now check out Ole SwampFart & Lillyfudder Episode #2 : The Rules !




Fishing report/BLOG


12 / 31 / 2011

With warmer temperatures, FROG Fishing continued to be great through November and into December with both the Kicking Legs and the Skitter Legs with Stinger Hooks strategically playing a big role at different times and places. I concentrated mostly on the St. Johns River and the river's lakes because a severe drought has drastically reduced the water levels of the inland lakes. In some cases, there are no lily pads left in water deep enough to hold bass. Much of the huge, flooded grass prairies are now dry with more quail than bass. But, in the end, it is a good thing and a part of the natural cycle that will rejuvenate those lakes. I managed to shoot quite a few great videos of bigger bass gobbling up Designer Bass FROGs™. Several have already been placed on YouTube, but I have not posted them on either website yet. You can, by the way, go to my YouTube Broadcast Channel to see all of my YouTube videos in one place at this address ------

11 8 2011 1st Big Bass.jpg (20977 bytes)  11 8 2011 Big Bass #3.jpg (21283 bytes)

Photo on the Left is from the YouTube video --- FROG Lure - Big Water, Monster Bass Search Bait

Photo on the right is from the YouTube video --- Big Bass FROG Fishing After Dark

For now, I will share with you some of the photos of some of the bass caught. Some of the videos, however, are good demonstrations of how to use the FROGs in different situations. Some who are new to FROG Fishing or new to my FROG designs might learn a bit by observing. I try to keep the videos short and not to do too much talking --- so as not to bore anyone. I'll save some of the talking, instruction, and tactical discussion for my other website and a DVD on FROG Fishing that I am working on ---The Bass FROG Chronicles.

12 16 2011 Big Eel Grass Mat Bass.jpg (25545 bytes)

The photo above is from 12/16/2011 and displays the floating mat of up-rooted eel grass that often collects along the St  John's River in places. The very calm conditions were best attempted with a subtle presentation and the kicking legs.

The entire video of the catch is very instructional if I include the more boring parts with the slow, careful, stealthy approach.

And also the discipline involved to ignore smaller bass popping at the FROG, & to be aware of a larger bass present, to resist quickly casting again and even to take the time to stealthily back up from the location after a missed strike by a little one and to take the time to make an even better presentation than the last time. If you had a buddy with you, he would most likely make a fast cast at the little ones before you could reel in to try again, blowing your shot at the big one !

Discipline is hard to teach and even harder to share.

Fishing alone has its advantages.

12 20 2011 Big Bass under Eel Grass.jpg (26281 bytes)

The photo above is from a video shot on 12/20/2011 which was very similar to the experience in the previous photo above this one in respect to smaller fish camouflaging a bigger one hiding under a much smaller grass mat and using a Kicking Leg FROG.  This time, I had to catch one of the smaller ones that insisted on gobbling down the FROG. It was harder to spot the bigger bass this time due to the windier conditions, but the bass were less spooky. However, I used all due diligence and backed up, waited a bit, and tried again, catching this bigger fish. Watch for the video on my YouTube Channel ---

By the way, I am also currently constructing a major section of for customers to show off their own bass caught on Designer Bass FROGs and to share their own experiences and expertise. There are so many big bass now being caught on them that I do not have room in the BLOG to cover them all. I have never been able to keep up with any of this FROG Fishing phenomenon. We have big bass photos coming in from too many states to mention and also many foreign countries. Keep an eye on the FROG Fishing Reports coming up over at



10/ 23 / 2011

FROG fishing has been improvingg greatly in Florida as water temperatures are finally dropping.Below are some recent catches on the St John's River. I am finally getting back to fishing & FROG making, now that the launch of the Clone Series and the Skitter Leg / Stinger Hook Accessory Kit are complete. The first two fish below were just caught in the last week or so on Lakes along the St John's River.

Unfortunately for most of the FROGmen up north, their season is coming to a close, but they all did very well, especially with the Clone Series FROGs. In the next few weeks we will feature some of the bass caught by them in various states & even in Canada. The Skitter Legs have been a big success, especially with the Stinger Hooks helping to hook plenty of extra bass that were "short- strikers" and would have gotten away with any other lure. For more info on those ---

Glop Buster web 10 in.jpg (39946 bytes)

Caught on 10/18/2011 by CaptKen on Clone Series  FROG #1 with Kicking Legs.

He busted through heavy surface glop at the shoreline to get it.

go to: and   I will also try to get some new videos posted, including one very exciting Monster Manatee encounter. If you have ever unknowingly paddled a kayak into the middle of a sleeping school of Manatees and experienced the explosive watery minefield they create --- you will have a whole new perspective on the "gentle" manatee ! Just one more of the great things about being outdoors in a kayak !

       Woodruff 10 9 20011 5 inch.jpg (41607 bytes)

CaptKen caught the bass above on 10/9/2011 with a Replicant Series Golden Spotted Leopard with Skitter Legs. The Stinger Hook got him as it buzzed over dollar pads, eel grass & hydrilla out in the open lake in about 6 foot of water.

Manatee-1.jpg (18100 bytes)           Manatee-2.jpg (15694 bytes)

Upcoming video of CaptKen and a "gentle" Manatee encounter.

Beware of sleeping Manatees ! There is no warning when you are surrounded by a sleeping Manatee Minefield !

August 2011 Bass.jpg (60381 bytes)

CaptKen caught this big skinny bass in August on Clone Series FROG #5 with Skitter Legs Style #2 - Action #1 & the Stinger Hook---

just before the cooler weather hit, while the water temperatures were still in the 90's. Video coming.



8/ 14 / 2011

FROG fishing has been out of the question for me for the last several months due to preparations for and following up on ICAST 2011. If you would like to see more photos of our Booth #2256 and video review by FROGman, Chad Hoover just Click Here.

Icast 2.jpg (34400 bytes)

In the meantime, some of the FROGmen have been covering for me, catching the bigger bass while I was busy.

Check out the video made by our Michigan FROGman dealer Kris Thatcher, Kris is really showing off, making it look easy as he caught big bass on the FROG while talking on the phone. In this video he caught three Big Bass up in Michigan with the new Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Accessory Kit.

Also check out Hunter Hogue's new Big Bass catch in Arkansas. Hunter also got another big one back on 6/28/2011, and he got this one about a week later. Both fish came shortly after he received his first Designer Bass FROGs !

Hunter Big Bass 7 1 2011 8 in.jpg (32287 bytes)

Hunter Hogue with another monster bass on FROG #4 Brown Spotted Bull FROG.

FROG #4 is a " subtle"  pattern for cautious bass. Great job, Hunter!



7/ 23 / 2011

FROG fishing is hot everywhere now. But nowhere is it hottter than in Wisconsin, especially if you are out fishing with our Wisconsin FROGman Nick Olson of . Nick received some of the first Skitter Leg/ Stinger Hook Accessory Kits that became available, and he put them to the test immediately. Check out the Big Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass and also the Big Pike that he and his clients have caught already on the The Designer Bass FROG : Clone Series FROGs with the Skitter Legs & Stinger Hooks attached.

  Nick #1 Bass 7 5 11.jpg (15413 bytes)                          Nick #2 Bass 7 5 2011.jpg (33174 bytes)

The day Nick caught these two beauties on Clone Series Designer Bass FROGs with Skitter Legs and Stinger Hooks, he and his clients also caught 30 Bass

His two clients below are also clearly please with the Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs and with the Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Accessory Kits.

Big Smallmouth on FROG.jpg (24389 bytes)Little Kid-Big Pike.jpg (32444 bytes)

You can contact Nick for Designer Bass FROG Clones Series FROGs or Guide Services in Wisconsin at



5 /11 / 2011

FROG fishing has been great this season even though we had mostly high pressure sunny days.Below you will see a few fish from the last couple of weeks. You will notice that most of them were caught at night or just before dark or just before a rare thunderstorm hit, lowering the light levels after a hot sunny day in Florida.The bass on the upper left photo we got on video.He hit on the standard kicking legs. The other three were all caught on the new Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Accessory Kits which are on their way from the factory as I write this. They should be available in about 20 days I'm told.

Previous week bass.jpg (29946 bytes)Evening Smash Bass.jpg (14772 bytes)




Rainy Evening Bass.jpg (31381 bytes)                                     5 2 2011 Big One 6 in.jpg (32362 bytes)

The last fish on the lower right hit Design Style #2 - Action #1 Skitter Legs.Although he was hooked with the big front hook I also had on a Stinger Hook rigged with a "Tadpole Tail" weedguard which you can see in white hanging below the Skitter Legs.

You can learn more about this Stinger Hook weedguard if you scroll down to "Texas Rigged Stinger Hook on this webpage:


The Skitter Legs Kit now turn the FROG Lure into a "FROG Fishing System" with a variety of Design Styles & Actions of Legs that will yield 8 different action behaviors, depending on whether you position them "up" or "down" on the FROG body.

You get an additional distinctly different swimming behaviour when using the "Tadpole Tale" that eliminates the need for a "Leg Spreader" or "Stabilizer Tubing" as featured on the webpage instructional that you can find here:

In addition, I am finishing up a 90 minute DVD that explains all about the FROGs in general and much about the whole system, including 35 minutes of demonstration on the Skitter Legs/ Stinger Hook Accessory Kit.



3 21 2011

The nasty cold winter is gone in Florida. Bass are spawning. Unfortunately, there is a lot of blue skies that make it tougher on the topwater bite. But all it takes is one little cloud in front of the sun to inspire a bass to strike a FROG, and then there is always evening if it doesn't drop off too cool. Florida FROGman Larry Timmerman got the beauty below on the left on a bluebird sky with the soft action Skitter Legs last week out on the St John's River. He got the Monster on the right a couple months back also on Skitter Legs---and also on a  cold front right in the evening as the sun went down on a very slow fishing day. The fish on the left hit the new prototypes -- soft & subtle (Style #1 - Action #1 )Skitter Legs on a Clone Series FROG. The bass on the right hit a handmade Replicant with handmade prototype Skitter Legs in a soft action style also. Larry is also a FROGman Distributor /Dealer for the Clone Series. He is----- "The Skitterman". Keep track of his Florida FROG Fishing Reports on the   FROGmen Page.

Larry 3 15 2011 7.25H.jpg (25323 bytes)     Larry FROG Bass #1-5in..jpg (21138 bytes)

You can contact Larry for Clone Series FROGs or if you want to order FROGs for your Tackle Shop

                                                            Florida FROGman Distributor - Larry "Skitterman" Timmerman

                                                                     Or call :  352-629-8087



Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few months, but we have been really busy preparing the new products. The Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs have been available since September. Now we also have the 3-Packs of FROG-Hooks available which includes 30 extra weedguards. By May 1st 2011, we should have the new Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Kit available. This Kit will greatly expand the use of your FROGs as fishing tools. The Skitter Legs turn your FROG into a "search bait" and allow you to check large areas of water for any aggressive or vulnerable bass. You can change from Kicking Legs to Skitter Legs and Back again in seconds. Of course you can also change a whole FROG in seconds also. Now, you can even add a Stinger Hook in seconds. Of course, the most serious FROG fishermen will have multiple FROG rods ready. Some will have straight braided line and some will have heavy monofilament or even flourocarbon leaders that sink quickly and allow your FROGs to dive more easily. Check the FROG Leg Page at to learn more about the many details of the new Skitter Leg Kit that will add 8 new behaviors to your FROGs and make your FROGs much more deadly above and "below" the water surface. One set of the Legs turn your FROG into a shallow diving "crank bait" with a deadly Stinger Hook.

3-Pack FROG Hook-5 in.jpg (21965 bytes)Skitter-Stinger Kit 4.5.jpg (23871 bytes)

The 3-Packs of FROG Hooks are available now and the Skitter Legs will be available in early June 2011. Check with your local FROGman Distributor !


I am sorry that it has taken so long to update the Fishing Report/BLOG. The photos below are responsible for keeping me so busy answering the phone and my emails, that I was unable to do anything else for 3 months, including any FROG making. In addition, we were launching the Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs at the same time, and now, anyone can have as many Clone Series FROGs as they want ---- anytime !

Lead Photo BASS.jpg (19423 bytes)

Designer Bass FROG on the "lead photo" of the frog fishing article in the September/October 2010 Issue of Bassmaster Magazine.

FROG on Cover.jpg (34028 bytes)

We also made the COVER of the magazine !

In addition, Ken Duke---- head of B.A.S.S. publications, reviewed my Kayak Fishing for BASS DVD, and he said that it was "the best fishing DVD that he has ever seen" --- and that he has seen them all !!!!


Also, some of our Top FROGmen Distributors will be attending the Sport Show circuits this year, and they will be there presenting the Clone Series to the fishing public. If you want to see the Clones up close & get a "tank demo" as well as some fishing and leg marking tips. Also, they will be displaying the base video for my new instructional DVD on FROG fishing. You can get a preview of the DVD which includes some of the YOUTUBE favorites plus much more, including the new Skitter Leg/ Stinger Hook setup in action. This combo has now made FROG fishing one of the easiest ways to "find", and especially to "HOOK" bass --- ridiculously easy !

Angus Booth Pic 2.jpg (49246 bytes)

This weekend you can meet Angus Macaulay of , our New Jersey FROGman Distributor, in North Carolina at the Raleigh Bass & Saltwater Expo at the NC State Fairgrounds in  Raleigh, North Carolina on the 7th, 8th and 9th of January.

Next week, you can catch him at the 27th Annual Fishing Expo & Boat Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timmonium, MD. That show runs for four days, starting on Thursday the 13th, and also the 14th, 15th, and the 16th of January.

We have also posted 3 new videos on YOUTUBE. One of them gives some advice on using our revolutionary new FROG Hook, and introduces our 3 FROG Hook Package with 30 weedguards. One shows how to fish a noisey, kicking leg FROG on a larger, wind blown lake over heavy submerged vegetation to attract a big bass in tough conditions. The last video shows how to fish a kicking leg Black & Yellow Clone Series FROG in the heavy pads of a small pond for a bigger bass.

Check them out here:


read more Archive BLOG

8/28/2010 - 7/1/2010

See some more recent catches in Recent Kayak Fishing Catches



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Check out this new perspective on FROG fishing.

Frog_anim_2.gif (50071 bytes)

FoamSkin Flyrod Frog

Take a peek at some other FoamSkin Flies

Take a peek at a recent BIG BASS on a FoamSkin Fly

12 18 09 Bass FROG Strike.jpg (25450 bytes)

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